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For Colored Girls who feel like Black Bitches after watching BET

In Poetically Speaking on May 30, 2010 at 5:12 pm

Who says women aren’t stepping up and fighting back?  We came across this no holds barred poetess and had to share this one for the sisters..


“For Colored Girls who feel like Black Bitches after watching BET”

Got me feeling like maybe
I am just a bad bitch or buss-it baby
Nothing more than a D cup and round butt
Face down and ass up
Dropping it low for he with the biggest bankroll
Cause she on TV looks just.. like… me
In red lip gloss, a corset, and lace weave
Ready to suck it off or get laid
Oversexed and underpaid
Am an all week freak
All blonde streaks
And ass cheeks
To rap beats

Am a consumer
Compulsive buyer
All I do is shop and bop
Off these tricks or the gov’ment
Compulsive liar
See me on Maury, yelling, “Sorry!”
“This gotta be wrong!”
And still pop that P for the theme song

A loudmouth bitch
Checking his email, voicemail
Facebook, and Twitter
And if I see another chick picture with some glitter
Imma get wit her
His space is MySpace –
I’m all in his face
And if it’s a problem, I’m running up behind him
Wynita Bynum
Yeah, I know you HEARD me!
Fat, Black, and insecure
Martin Lawrence, Eddie Murphy
I deserve to get fucked on the floor like Halle Berry
Cause that’s the game, girlfriends,
Kelsey Grammer, Tyler Perry
Hell to the naw
And you can’t get wit it if you can’t follow this ass in the mall
And if they wanna be like Mike and go White
Or like Tiger and rather find her Caucasian bussing tables
Than Black with an education
I’ll go dyke
Like Nicki or Eve –
I am B.E.T.
And you can’t change me
Unless you change the station.
© 2010 Nikala Asante