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When Science Peeked Inside The Mind of Hip-Hop

In Education, Hip Hop, Music on December 31, 2012 at 10:40 pm


For many of us in the world of rhymes, beats and ciphers, it comes as little to no surprise to find that art and lyricism greatly impacts the stream of consciousness. But scientists have recently discovered what happens inside of the brain of a freestyle artist as they perform. They’ve discovered that the act of freestyling activates an area in the pre-frontal cortex of the brain that plays a role in self-motivation and a portion of the mind is also accessed that deals with morality and self-reflection.

As this particular area of the brain lights up, the cognitive portion that deals with analyzing (which can result in over-thinking) becomes less active allowing energy from the “upper region” to become dominate and flow-freely. According to lead researcher on the project Dr Siyuan Liu , the increased brain activity in the medial prefrontal cortex and all along its mid-line suggests that freestylers tap into the subconscious mind.


A “flow” state is entered, which researchers described as a “complete immersion in creative activity, typified by focused self-motivation, positive emotional valence and loss of self-consciousness.”


In the hip-hop world we call this zoning out…. But what do we listeners gain from the experience of ingenious improvisation? Why are we as so inspired and excited to hear words seemingly “formed out of thin air”?  Could this “free-style state of mind” replicate man’s potential to tap into the god within with unfettered access once left uninterrupted by doubt and second-guesses? Fear and over-thinking? Just what all are we capable of when we submit to a higher state of mind? Something to think about..



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