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Phoenix rises to the occasion and takes Responsibility

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Phoenix to Experience 1st Annual Hip Hop Town Hall “Spotlighting Hip Hop and Politics”

On October 30, 2010 the Phoenix metropolitan community will experience the 1st Annual Hip Hop Town Hall presented by the Phoenix College NAACP/BSU.  This event will engage young adults in meaningful dialogue about current issues which are important to them in a format which is appealing to them and in a genre which many enjoy and value. The 2010 theme is “Spotlighting Hip Hop and Politics”. The purpose of the Hip Hop Town Hall is to provide a platform for people to develop an awareness of and dialogue about issues which are germane to them and their communities. Hip Hop has a huge voice for many people, regardless of region, race, religion, class, etc. This Town Hall will provide a platform for the often unrecognized positive impact of Hip Hop through education and debate on community issues.  Partnering with the Phoenix College NAACP/BSU are the Black Entrepreneurship Association, Peacefest Organization, and Queen YoNasDa, hip hop artist,the National Director of the Indigenous Nations Alliance-Millions More Movement, and the initiator of Hip Hop 4 Haiti.

Students are dialoging and Hip Hop songs and videos are addressing current topics, such as immigration, ethnic studies, affirmative action, mosque placement, use of the n-word, etc.  For those who may not find other venues appealing, there is a need to provide a platform for intellectual dialogue and to listen to all sides of these issues. In addition, many people are indifferent or unaware of current issues, and this forum aims to instill in them the need to exercise their citizenship through being fully informed and voting.

The First Annual Hip Hop Town Hall “Spotlighting Hip Hop and Politics” will bring overall awareness of past, present, and future pieces of legislation. The meeting will discuss how these laws affect or unite the community. Both local and national political leaders and hip hop artists will be presenters at the Town Hall which promises to be a very engaging and thought-provoking evening.

Currently looking for Partners and Sponsors..

For more information about this event, please email or


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