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Towards Response-ability Within the Culture: Are YOU on board?

In Education, Hip Hop on May 3, 2010 at 6:11 am

The MIA Music Is Alive Campaign for Hip Hop Service

The Hip Hop Day of Service is a call for Hip Hop to reflect on the direction of the culture in the spirit of examination and revitalization.  It’s about accountability and collective responsibility of artists to their communities and will serve as a time  for artists, activists, and youth to unite and collectively perform humanitarian and charitable services within their local cities. It is not a singular event or 24 hour day it is the dawn of a new era. Spearheading this much needed day in hip hop history, is a national campaign that launches this fall. This campaign is an arts movement that emphasizes that if we all were to unite under one umbrella within our respective organizations we can become more powerful and be in a better position to challenge current trends that are destroying our communities.
The visionaries and and participants of this movement are everyday artists and activists who want to make a difference. We are teachers, students, independent artists, grassroots activists, humanitarians, parents, sons, and daughters. We are the response to a worldwide cultural epidemic on a quest to  mobilize and galvanize our intellectual and creative minds in an effort to regain control over all facets of our creative expression. Its bigger than hip-hop though hip-hop’s influence and true cause is a phenomenal component in this mission.
This campaign is about recognizing the power of the arts on a massive scale that transcends far beyond ‘the block’ into the poverty stricken villages of Africa all the way to the graffiti stained alley ways of China. We are they who recognize music as not only the art of organized sound but as a universal language inseparable from the human condition.

Cities on board :

Pittsburg, PA

Miami, FL

Flint, MI

Chicago, Ill

Phoenix, Arizona

Indianapolis, IN

Los Angeles, CA

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

New York, NY

Get involved!

contact us @

  1. I”m down!!!

  2. RBG!
    Always here to support positive change on our planet

  3. This is AWESOME! I want to help some way.

  4. Word. I’m down.

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